May 31 – MTV Movie Awards

May 31 – MTV Movie Awards – Show

I have a few photos of the show itself aswell, 19 HQs were added to the gallery, of Leighton with Lil Wayne on stage.

May 31 – MTV Movie Awards

I’ve added the first pictures of Leighton at the MTV Movie Awards, it’s only 6 HQs yet, but much more will come, so check back more times today!

On the Set – May 29

I have again some new filming photos of Leighton, from May 29, which I have added to the gallery! And don’t forget that Leighton is presenting at the MTV Movie Awards tonight, so probably we will have tons of new pictures of her tomorrow. So stay tuned!

On the Set – May 28

I’ve added 7 HQ photos of Leighton from yesterday at the set of ‘The Roommate’.

On the Set – May 27

Finally we have some new pictures of Leighton, from yesterday’s set of her upcoming movie ‘The Rommate’. 11 HQ pictures were added to the gallery!

Episode Stills

More episode stills were added to the last two episodes of Gossip Girl.

May 21 – The CW Network Upfront + Presentation

I was able to added 47 new HQ pictures of yesterday’s upfront from the red carpet, and additional 7 HQ pictures from the presentation.